Kudos to the Craft Queens

This past Sunday, God's Girlies met, focusing on loving God through loving our neighbors.  Summertime presents the perfect opportunity to do just that as we tend to bend from our schedules a bit.  The days are longer.  We may do some traveling, but whatever our schedule we seem to have more contact with people.  So God's Girlies made a craft that will aid them in their reaching out and encouraging a neighbor,... or twenty.

I have to confess my admiration for Jeanne and Krista Bergeron.  They do crafts.  And when I say they do crafts, THEY DO CRAFTS.  They make it look easy.  They make it look fun.  And the finished product is always adorable.  Is it admiration or jealousy, I'm not sure.


Here's what they did:

They had the girls make a cute cloth pouch with a fabric piece. They glued and vel-croed the cloth to fasten it in envelope fashion.

The girls decorated the pouch with spangles, ribbon etc.

Small cards were made possibly using Google or Yahoo images.  The images were printed on card stock and cut-out to be placed in the pouch. Hallie's cards included verses, sweet sayings, jokes and cute pictures.  Be creative.

Application Idea:

Jesus says in Matthew 25- Whatever you have done for the least of these brothers of mine, you have also done unto me

 Loving the least of these may refer to loving those hard to love, those we're not familiar with, or those in need. Neighbors are those who are in our proximity and those we have encountered in the past.  Encouraging these neighbors in Jesus' name gives glory to our Savior.

These mini cards can be given to a neighbor down the street, the boy at the sno-cone stand, a cashier at Target or an elderly lady at a nursing home.  A card and a smile brings a bit more of Jesus to the world.  And it sends a bit of love to Jesus too.




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