Before I Forget…Let Me Tell You Something

Do you remember the scan button that car sterios used to have? (Do radios still have them?...I wouldn’t know. Rylie tore the sticker antenna off of our car window ten years ago when the car was pretty well new. So for a decade now the Armada has been filled with kid voices and music from scratched up CDs.)

I brought up the scan button for a reason. I frequently liken my thought process to the scanning that took place on our FM radio station those six months that I had premium tune selection. You’d press the scan button and hear one line of a song on FM 99.5 and then (without the touch of a button) the dial would toodle-loo on up to FM 100.3 and then to 101.5. Particularly in this most recent season I’m in, its as if my brain is only capable of bite-size thinking (and possibly some swallowing without chewing). Scary, because some big things are happening. 

I’ve avoided writing because my mind is in a million places. Tonight I’m choosing to tell you a few of those places that are closest to my heart. 

  1. I still can’t get over how Hurricane Harvey has changed lives. People still aren’t back in their homes which has to be incredibly frustrating and yet people are still putting one foot in front of the other as normally as possible when things are still SO abnormal for them.  I’m also still witnessing people be compassionately creative in the ways they’re ministering to people in our community. One little girl used her birthday to collect gift cards to hand out to those affected by the flood. “”
  2. Hayden turns 21 on Monday. We spend a lot of time laughing together these days. Five years ago there were many days I laughed, but it was more hysterical in nature like someone who’s dangerously close to being untethered. He’s currently going to school full time and working at UPS. He cooks his own food too. Nevermind that his clothes smell like sausage and eggs... I love him. And I love laughing...the good kind of course.  “”
  3. My second book will be available on Amazon November 1  (if things go as scheduled). The Village Girl Handbook-Persevering Your Way to Maturity is a collection of 50 powerful stories written by girls and women (and myself). This go round, each story will be followed by devotion questions. I’d tell you to put November 1 on your calendar so you can go to Amazon and get it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be bugging you with another post as soon as it’s up for grabs. (It’s going to be good.) Might I add, The Village Girl Handbook Page on Facebook has 396 likes. Four more will get us to 400. Hint. Hint. “”
  4. One other thing about the book...When putting it together, it was suggested that I make a wishlist of well-known people from whom I’d like to receive a book endorsement. I made a long list but only sent three requests after the book was completed. The person who was first on my list agreed to read the book and ended up writing a gracious endorsement. I said I was keeping who it was a secret, but nah...I’ll just tell you. It’s JJ Heller. If you haven’t heard of her, look her up. She’s a Christian artist and she’s special. I started listening to her five years ago...remember? ...the season of deranged laughter? Her music is soothing and peppy and thought provoking. She’s been my friend the last few years without knowing it. “”
  5. Hallie is driving. Rylie is a half-inch shy of having me beat height-wise. Jason’s still good at speaking peace into my chaos. Too bad he’s asleep already. That’s how you got so lucky to witness my brain hops this evening. “”“”“”
  6. The November, December schedule scares me.  I guess November stands for thank you and December stands for Jesus. If I can just practice sincere and continual Thank you Jesus for the next two months I’ll be in good shape. I’ve plenty of reasons to be grateful. 

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

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