What You REALLY Need to Know About Book 2

This week The Village Girl Handbook 2 will be available on Amazon. I’ve read through every story in it at least ten times, but I still can’t wait to get my hands on it. You better bet I’m going to stick my nose right in it, first to smell the new pages, and second, to read it AGAIN. 

Being that this is the second volume of the book you can imagine that book one and two are similar. They are very much alike in that both books are a collection of personal stories written about a walk through struggle. Both books are full of stories with a hopeful tone...You are not alone in your struggle...With God’s help we conquer those things that would otherwise hold us down. 

I’d be wrong though not to tell you some important differences between book 1, The Village Girl Handbook and book 2, The Village Girl Handbook -Persevering Your Way to Maturity.  Because my day today holds more than what makes a calendar square comfortable, here’s a brief breakdown of what you’ll find in book 1 and the different content you can expect in book 2.

BOOK 1/The Village Girl Handbook 

Book 1, though it is enjoyed by girls of all ages, it was written with middle schoolers in mind. The topics covered in the first book are pertinent to the events that typically occur while girls are in intermediate school and junior high. You’ll read about someone’s first breakup and another story about how a girl survived the first day Aunt Flo came to visit. Book 1 is full of tips that inform and encourage.  You’ll also find entertaining quizzes and coupons that help orchestrate family dates and a little fun.

 Several of the topics in book 1 cover delicate topics. One story reveals heartbreak and then hope for an eleven-year-old  girl whose mom took her own life after a long bout of depression. One story entails an experience with rejection, another one tells of abandonment, but with every story, the age of the reader is kept in mind. And again, each tale reminds the reader what it means to have hope. 

BOOK 2/The Village Girl Handbook- Persevering Your Way to Maturity

This book is full of fresh new stories that will remind you what it means to find courage and peace in the unlikeliest of situations.  You might notice on the cover illustration that the girl (the reader) is a bit older. This wasn’t originally an intentional decision. I began to notice that a significant portion of the stories that came pouring in for this book had a weight to them that should be considered. Look for stories that talk about heavy topics such depression, self-injuring behavior, sexual purity and difficult loss. These stories, some heartbreaking, will  touch and inspire the reader that God is an ever-present help in times of trouble

Whereas book 1 is full of tips and quizzes, each story in this book is followed by scripture and devotion questions. It is my prayer that girls will partner up, or group together, and grow individually and as sisters. Two churches have done book 1 as a Bible Study.   It would do my heart good to see older girls (women) bring a copy of the book, along with their own experiences to the table with a younger girl. 

This book may possibly have a wider reach.  Just be aware of the content if you put it in the hands of a fifth grader. Maybe read it with them. This might be an opportunity you need to breech some difficult, but very important subject matter.

Here’s what I’m asking of you. 

1. Let me know what else can I tell you about book 2.

2. Please share this post so we can get this exciting and needful information out. 

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