2017 Christmas Card/Family Picture Confessions

We hardly ever do family pictures anymore.  I'm the only one who wants them.  I'm so controlling that not only do I force the family to participate, I also choose what everybody wears. One family member accused me of trying to make her wear something that looked like a rug today. Everybody is usually upset with me before pictures are over, but I just keep on smiling (and torturing).

Today we took church directory pictures. I was up and at em' early this morning creating "a look" that would make us color coordinated and match-y but not too match-y . I made them suffer double duty (pictures before the pictures) and this was still one of our most harmonious picture taking sessions ever.  As has happened in years past, nobody fell and hurt themselves, I didn't have to lick my finger and wipe food off anybody's face, we didn't have to strategically hide an arm cast and no one wore high water jeans with white crew socks.

This year was relatively successful.

So you get pictures before the pictures AND you get to know a few things that were happening behind the scenes.

  1. One of us is wearing pants right out of the dirty clothes basket. Maybe more, but at least one of us.
  2.  At least one person wore something they would never have chosen/ wore something borrowed/ wore something the wrong size.
  3. One person cried shortly before our picture was taken.
  4. All pictured were reminded to keep their eyes opened.  (It was difficult for at least one family member).
  5. All participants were bribed with food.
  6. Two people were accused of being mean.
  7. Somebody complained about how much time it took.
  8. Some of us argued between cozy posing.
  9. We didn't like the first pose, but didn't want to waste time taking more.
  10. We smiled through it.

Getting Christmas pictures or Christmas cards out has proven too difficult the past few years.  This year has been no different. Consider this your second (or third) annual lame social media Christmas card.  The Burdens, like most every other family, are presenting their best, but will tell you this family stuff isn't always easy. We just know this family stuff is worth it.

Quick family update:

Hayden is 21. He'll finish up welding school at LIT in May.  He works nights at UPS and still drinks several gallons of milk a week. (I do not have his permission to use this picture.)

Hallie is 16. She's driving and working for a local insurance company.  She spends her paycheck on makeup.

Rylie is 12.  She loves all of the opportunities to be a part of different clubs in middle school.  She still loves baking.  She's good at it.  She is still not good at cleaning up after her baking.

Merry Christmas 2017 from the Burdens!

...and hope does not put us to shame because God has poured out His love into our hearts ... Romans 5:5

13 thoughts on “2017 Christmas Card/Family Picture Confessions

  1. Leigh McCulloch Karnes

    Great story about family pictures. Sounds very familiar. Beautiful family. Love you all! Merry Christmas!

  2. Bj Wilmarth

    I never seen anything qute like this....It was full of pure love , drama, excitement...everything a friend of yous would love and cherish after readi g this and more after having the pleasure of being lucky and blessed to know you and love you as a church family...I so enjoyed reading this....Your family is an awesome , beautiful and lovi f family whom we will always love and never forget.....Thank you !!!! Always Loving You . ❤❤✡

  3. Cindy Hanks

    Merry Christmas! It is the same way here. I had shirts made for Olivia and I. They still aren't here. The tree is up, but no decorations. So I am hoping to rectify all this on Sat. We will see how upset they get with me. 🙂

  4. Cathy & L.C.

    Wonderful photos~~considering....!!! ;o) Bring back memories of our family trying to get "special" pictures~~same type of emotions and situations!! Sometimes worth it and sometimes not! Love all of you and send our love and wishes for a very blessed Merry Christmas and fulfilling New Year!!
    Cathy & L.C.


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