Grow Up! Be the Better Banana

Devotion for GG's Banana Extravaganza


Now that I've got your attention, this title isn't meant to be rude.

It's simply good advice.  We all want to grow up.  And we want to grow up well.  -Believe it or not bananas give us some great advice on just how to do that.

Most of you know the answer, but I'm going to ask the question anyway-just to get you thinking.

How do bananas grow? -Up from the stem or do they hang Down?

I specialized in Biology in college and didn't know bananas could grow up until I saw them with my own eyes on our Kenya trip.  How did I miss that?  Maybe because it seems logical that such a heavy fruit would grow down hanging from a branch or stem.

Bananas do indeed grow up, but they don't start that way.  Baby bananas actually grow down like most other fruits and vegetables. Gravity pulls them toward the ground just as it pulls you back down when you jump.

Here are some vocabulary words to keep you smart this summer.

Geotropism-the way an organism grows in reaction to gravity

Positive Geotropism-  organisms that grow downward ex. the way roots grow

Negative Geotropism-  organisms that grow upward ex. stems

Bananas display negative geotropism.  The more they encounter sunlight, the more they gravitate toward it.  This the reason bananas are curved..  In their small state, they grow toward the ground as gravity would have.  But as the bananas start to mature they start to sense the sun more and more. Referred to as fingers, the bananas curve from their starting place on the stem upward toward the sun.

You, my dear have spent time as a baby banana. 

As a baby banana some interesting things have gravity in our life. Gravity is defined as importance.  In Science you may have learned that gravity means weight.

Lets think of some weighty or important things in the life of you- as a baby banana.

Your clothes?

Others opinion of you?

TV and other entertainment?

What else?

As we mature, these things shouldn't hold so much importance.  Especially after we've sensed the sun.  The sun in our lives should be Jesus.  There would be no life without him.  It's also him who sees to it that we grow. As we reach for "the son" we begin to grow away from the old things that used to have gravity.

Just as the growing banana stretches to the sky leaving the ground behind, those things we once found weighty and important shouldn't matter so much anymore.

Grow up. Grow beautiful.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such things there is no law. -Galatians 5:22-23

Discussion Questions:

1.Which way does a banana grow?

2. How are you like a baby banana?

3. What does a banana sense that helps it to grow?

4.How can you be more like a mature (or grown) banana?

Just for fun.

Banana bunches are referred to as hands and single bananas are referred to as fingers.  Fingers are much better combined to make a hand.  Likewise friendships and other healthy relationships are like bananas.  They come in bunches and grow together.

Also, a banana like any fruit stops growing and soon loses its beauty when disconnected from the branch or stem (think of a mushy brown-spotted banana). Likewise, our beauty and growth comes from staying connected to Jesus.








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