Extravagant Love and a Frappe


Yesterday I took Hallie out for some mom/girl time. We each had a frappe from McDonalds.

This may not seem note worthy to you, but a frappe costs several bucks a whop.  I'm kind of a cheapskate. Another thing you must know: I don't like frappes. I don't like anything that has a hint of coffee, but I chugged one down yesterday. I might also mention that one was spilled in the car. And our date ended with a second trip to McDonalds to retrieve a forgotten purse.  A small sacrifice I know, but it brought about these thoughts.

 Love is costly.

It may cost money. It also costs time.

Love is selfless.

It means looking beyond yourself to serve another.

Love keeps giving

Even though it may not be received or reciprocated.

It's what mothers and fathers do.  We love.

We cut the edges off of bread.

We leave out the onions.

We crouch down on our knees in the bathroom and hold back the hair of our little one  when a stomach virus comes to visit.

We sit in the car clutching the dashboard when our fifteen year old gets behind the wheel.

We make cookies, read books and wash clothes when we're dead tired.

We say no to requests knowing the eyeroll is sure to come.

We hold on.

We let go.

We refrain from saying "I told you so".

We forgive and forget.

And yet all these things pale in comparison to the love of our father;

How great is the love the father has lavished on us,

 that we should be called children of God!  And that is what we are!

-1 John 3:1










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