Fear and Floaties

I am an overprotective mother.  I don't say that with pride.

But sometimes Fear overwhelms me.

Last weekend Hayden and his cousins went to the movies.  I would have worried anyway, but considering the tragic event in Colorado, I played a chilling scenario in my head over and over.

Just last night, Hallie was invited to a friends to swim.  I started to list the thirty safety rules, she and her dad finished them for me- quite sarcastically I might add.

I'm quite creative when it comes to coming up with things to worry about.

But quite honestly, the world we live in is becoming an increasingly scary place despite security systems, vaccines and airbags.

I handle my fear in several different ways.

1.I avoid doing anything (or letting my children do anything) that might bring about consequences outside my control. This is my most used method.  I like to be in control.

2.I bubble wrap and proceed with extreme caution probably taking the fun out of many things we do.

3.I go ahead and dive in the deep unknown all the while trembling and terrified. Believe it or not I often feel this way when I speak in front of a small crowd.  I'm talking about simply responding to a question in Ladies' Bible Study. It's ridiculous.

4.Not near often enough, I allow the uprising emotion of fear be my signal. Yes. Fear is a distress signal.  And a distress signal suggests that immediate assistance is requested.

"Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

-Psalm 121:2

The only righteous fear, is fear that focuses on the Almighty.

I know I'm not alone in my struggle with fear. There are mamas out there sending their kids off to camps this summer.  There are others who are sending their babies to college.

There are daddies that threaten to cause bodily harm to anyone who lays a hand on their daughters.

There are those of you waiting for test results-in fear. There are small nagging fears and there is fear that comes from nowhere rendering you unable to move (like the sound of Hayden's weights crashing to the floor in the garage at 1:00 AM this morning).

Fear can be your worst enemy.


Fear can be your friend; a friend that urges you to lean on One who is stronger, the One who is wiser.

Fear can be the friend that reminds you, "YOU'RE NOT IN CONTROL, TALK TO YOUR FATHER-HE IS".

What fear do you struggle with?

Do you have a favorite verse that brings you comfort?




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