Can we pray first?

I'm doing lots of walking down memory lane this month. If only that kind of walking burned calories. Alas, I don't think it works that way, especially when your eating chocolate chip cookies (for breakfast) while you're walking down memory lane.

Back to the point.

Hayden will turn sixteen in seventeen days.  I am filled with emotion.

I'm excited for him; sixteen's a big one.  He'll be licensed to drive.  Turning sixteen is a sign that greater independence is at the threshold.

I'm also scared silly.  He's won't be entirely experienced when he gets behind the wheel (alone) There are other drivers out there with too much on their minds; drivers in a hurry.  Does driving signal that it's time for dating?

How did this happen so fast?

We got a scanner recently which prompted me to go through old pictures. I've been looking at pictures of Hayden with his chunky baby legs.  I've held pictures and laughed at his common expression around the age of two; the one where his fists are balled and his teeth are clenched and he's saying "cheese" to the whole world. It's almost more than I can bear to think those days are gone.

My "memory trip " reminded me of one of the stories I used to tell about Hayden.

Before the girls, when it was just Jason, Hayden and I,  our first pastorate was in Chilton.  I remember one Sunday Hayden had been especially "expressive" in Children's Church ( and by Children's church, I mean the mini lesson that was given on the podium-for the world to see). Despite the harmful rays projected from my evil eyes, Hayden continued to talk, and wiggle, and.... flip.

He and I were walking home to the parsonage after church.  I remember gripping his hand quite tightly in effort to show the seriousness of the situation.  I sneered, "We need to have a talk when we get home!". Hayden's little feet scrambled to keep up as he said, "Can we pray first?".

I love that story. It's a story that warrants an eye- roll as I've told it a hundred times.  But for some reason my current recollection has brought about new thoughts.

Hayden was a mess that Sunday, no doubt.  But as I look back at my reaction, it's me who has the greater lesson to learn.  I can't remember if we prayed first or not; I'm guessing we did not.

Should we have prayed first?  Should I be doing more praying now instead of reducing myself to a tearful, anxious mess of a woman?

I'm certain I'm going to be doing some worrying and that there will be some misty-eyed moments in the weeks to come.






Evils of the world.


Oh what am I saying, the years to come.

It's time to loosen my grip and

Even my tone

But I'd do best to take advice from a chubby cheeked boy and

"pray first".

Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Philippians 4:6

5 thoughts on “Can we pray first?

  1. Kristina DeVillier

    It is hard to let go! I had to let go of my first born around the age of 14 or 15. We have to let them make their own mistakes so they can learn from them. All you can do is pray and advise, which I find advise usually gets ignored from my oldest. With my middle one it is easier because she is responsible and listens to what we say. I worried about her too with driving even though she is an extremely careful driver. Our system was to text me when she got there and text me when she left so that alleviated some worry because I knew she made it and how long to wait before I needed to get worried. Kristi, 16 was the magic age for dating when I grew up. Be glad if he wants to date because that is only normal at his age, lol. Hopefully we instill the difference between dating and why God expects abstinence until marriage. Our kids need to understand that the physical union is a blood covenant with not only that person but more so to our Lord and Savior. Coming from someone who married and divorced her childhood sweetheart (sweetheart is far from what he is) it is important to date many so one can distinguish between a frog and a prince. Grades, college, and job I think are the lesser of what's on your list : ) On marriage, just make sure to tell him to watch how her Mom and Dad treat each other and how Dad treats his daughter and her Mother because that is what she is probably gonna expect from him. Just my two cents worth. Oh and you are so right, pray, pray, pray, and pray some more!

    1. Paul Baker

      Date many? Do you think that if someone dates and breaks up with 10, 20, 50+ people that this could be training them that relationships are disposable?

    2. kristi

      Thanks Kristina! I'm sure we'll be using the same texting system. I'm hoping that if I spend more time praying, my list won't matter so much anyway.


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