Before the Song is Over

Let someone cut in line.

Slow down.

Call an old friend.

Pray for your parents.

Slow down.

Smile at someone.

Compliment your husband.

Hold the door open for someone.

Slow down.

Make dessert.

Hug your children extra tight.

Walk outside and listen for God.

Ignore your impulse to feel rage toward that bad driver.

Slow down.

Listen to what your daughter is saying.

Let your son make a mess in the kitchen.

Allow tears.

Read a good book.

Leave a note on your husband's pillow.

Slow down.

Think about the lyrics to your favorite song.

Let that kid sit in your lap.

Pick a flower.

Visit a local landmark.

Laugh at your teenager's joke.

Have a picnic.

Hold someone's hand.

Slow Down.

Sing, even if it's off key

Because before you know it, the song is over.

I remind myself daily to slow down; to allow time for love to take place.  Sometimes I don't listen.  God has given me children who walk in the rhythm of a slow dance. May I learn from them.

Picture above:  Hallie set up her own gig one summer day on our front porch.  The sign says "25 cents to sing"!

Below is a cute song from the movie Ramona and Beezus which I highly recommend.  If your phone won't give you access, the song is "everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson.  Type in the song and artist in the search box on


2 thoughts on “Before the Song is Over

  1. Kristiburden

    Hey Betty! I'm always in a hurry.  I remember when we lived in Chilton, everything I asked Hayden to do was followed by "like a cheetah" to try to get him to hurry.  I think one particular time and then a thousand times more quietly in my heart I heard "Slow down".  I think I'm listening to the voice now that the kids are growing faster and faster.  You know what that's like-you have a TEENAGER!


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