Family Contract



As a God-designed member of this family, I agree to try to become a person:

Of Peace                     Of Gentleness

Of Patience                 Of kindness

Of Respect                  Of Obedience (parents-obedience to God)

Of Love


I will do my best to refrain from:

Tattling, arguing, fighting, yelling, pouting, ganging up, belittling and exasperating


We understand, as a family, that in order to fulfill these duties we must do our best to remember to:

Pray.                            Pray together.

Read and follow and God’s Word.

Listen to each other.


Put others before ourself.

Date:                               Signatures:




Last week I made up this contract for our family.  The contract was also handed out at our last GG's meeting.  Consider making one to fit your family.  After having dinner together as a family, we read over the contract, talked about it and said a prayer.  We put the contract in a frame so we can be reminded of our promise.

*There have been two ocassions where a family member has been called out for breaching the contract.  (It was me)!  The kids are taking it seriously!

4 thoughts on “Family Contract

  1. Knudsonbettye

    Amazingly wonderful contract every family unit should have one. AND i would like a copy of the beautiful family picture love yo
    u all.Bebe


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