P.S. I Love You


P.S. -postscript /a brief attachment appended to the ending of a message

Rylie is typically pretty devout when it comes to prayer. She starts out something like, "Jesus Christ, Lord...." and then prays long and hard for everyone and everything she can think of. We were surprised when one night the usually long-winded giver of thanks made her prayer short and sweet.  She thanked God for me, Hayden, Hallie, Griffin and our food. And then she said amen.  Jason, who usually prefers the abridged version of her prayer looked befuddled.  Daddy's girl had forgotten to mention him in her talk with God and he'd noticed.

Disappointed he said, "You forgot me!".

Sensing his sorrow I quickly offered,....... "Rylie, God does P.S.'s. So she added on, "And thank you for my Daddy".

God really does allow P.S.'s.  In fact I believe he encourages them.


He tells us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Sometimes we say "Amen"; our "so be it". But it isn't intended to mean "Prayer over" or "The End".  Amen isn't a closing meaning "On to the next thing, .....glad I got that obligation out-of-the-way".

If we have any sense whatsoever (and I admit I lack good sense on a regular basis) we know that there isn't a moment that exists when there ISN'T something to be said to God. There's always one more thing; another P.S.

He wants to hear from us.

  A father wants to be remembered.

I do try to have somewhat of an organized prayer time.  Having prayed in groups, a habitual format I've learned goes something like Praise/Thanks/Repentance/Intercession for self and others.  I think a format is dandy.  But if it's the only communication I have with God, I'm missing out.

So prayer P.S.'s are in order for any and all occasions

when you notice the first brightly hued leaf signaling Fall's arrival

when you have a loved-one on the road

or you get a phone call that your friend is sick and they don't know what's wrong

when laughter explodes and you realize its healing nature


when you read in the news that another teenager has taken her life or you hear another heart-wrenching story about cyber bullying

when your kid has a big test or has just failed one


or you realize that you were snippy with your husband in the last text you sent

when you think about how thankful you are for your extended family

or a niece gets baptized

when you need grace


when you've received it

I think every day should be chock full of P.S.'s

Often times my P.S. holds the most important and heartfelt communication.  In its brevity, it says:

I trust you

I need you

I acknowledge you

Thank you!

Forgive me.

I love you

I love you

I love you

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18


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