Thankful for Tests


I've joined the Facebook fad of posting one thing I'm thankful for every day in November, so here's Day 8

I'm Thankful for Tests

That's right.  I said I'm thankful for tests.  Don't misunderstand.  I didn't say I enjoy them; most times I rather loathe them.  Hayden has a big Algebra Two test today; A Spanish Three test too.  I was no help in his test preparation last night.  The material, especially for Algebra Two, far overreaches my "Killin' it" mom skills.  I'm glad I'm finished with Math tests, and scantrons; with paper and pencil tests in general.  I'm still not finished with tests though.  They come at me, the ones that I dread, and the pop tests that fly in my face too.

Just this week I received some tacky correspondence which I felt was undeserved.  All of my kids, at one time or another, acted unreasonably.  I faced the test of putting down my phone and spending time with my kids and husband.

The tests come other times too.   I'll get behind a lady in Target who knows I'm in a hurry so she gets right smack in the middle of the aisle and goes as slow as humanly possible playing with, who I assume, is her grandkid forgetting that she's supposed to get out-of-the-way of antsy people.

Tests aren't fun (for normal people).  They're not something we ask for.  I guess I can think of a couple of students I've had in the past who welcomed an opportunity to "show what they know", but honestly tests aren't really tests if they're easy.  A test is more something that challenges and ultimately grows you.

The best tests, whether it's right before, during, or after you've failed miserably, help you realize that you're inadequate on your own.  They reveal a need for One who can help you through. When Hallie's band uniform still lays across the same chair where I saw it three days ago after having asked her to move it four times, I need help in my approaching her concerning the matter -Otherwise, we both end up sour after a thirty-five minute "conversation". Tests are another invitation to go to God.  He has the answers He's the "good kind of cheating"/ help we can ALWAYS use on a test.

I think we make the mistake of believing that a test's primary importance is showing what we know and often times who we are.  Looking at challenges in this manner makes us believe that if we do well, we are well, we are excellent.....until the next test.  For those tests we fail, we feel like failures.

We do learn for the test, but most importantly, we need to learn from the test.

We learn from the test by remembering when the next test of a similar nature comes along, how we can better be prepared.  How will we react, or will we, when the next abrupt person who speaks needlessly comes along?  What would be a better way to approach your daughter next time she's experiencing a mood swing rendering her unreasonable for a small spell?

Tests are the pits, because too many times I stink it up when they come along.  They remind us of always accessible help.  They teach. They provide a platform for grace......and for that I'm thankful for them.




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