Hallie’s “My Mom Can’t Cook” Poem

Dinner is always quite a mess...
The food that is made never gets to be blessed
My mother burnt the toast and over cooked the roast
Dropped the ham and crushed the yams
Bruised the fruit and in my salad I found a newt
Poured the milk on my feet, the cake wasn't even sweet
Threw the carrots in a tree, I found a rock in my peas
She sat on the lemons and gave our potatoes to Mr Simmons
Dumped the spices... and I'm sure the sodas were drank by the mice
The broccoli tasted very vile, she poured the sugar in the Nile
The meat is singing to me and I'm sure there's a bear in the pantry
How is it possible that we're eating... Is my food suppose to moving?
My beans are snorting like a hog, I guess I'll just feed my food to the dog

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