A Thursday for Your Thoughts; A Thing About Post Its- by Jen Fournier

I have this thing about POST IT notes…
                I would have a hard time getting through the day without POST IT notes. That may seem strange, but I use them for everything. I write cookie orders down for quick reference on my calendar, chore reminders, last-minute grocery list, reminders posted to the door so I will see them as I grab my keys and head out…the list goes on.
Recently, I saw a post it folded in half and tucked away in my husband’s wallet. I wish I had a picture of the faded thing he has been carrying around…it truly touches my heart that he kept it! I asked why he kept it, and he said “Why wouldn’t I keep it?”. (Aww, cue the tears, right?!) It occurred to me that maybe my post it's actually mean something to the rest of my crew around here as well.
You see, I had a couple of really busy weeks, with work and kids and LIFE, and in the meantime, my hubby was dealing with his own things, work, school, etc. As life happens from time to time, our schedules were not clicking as we would like. So after a late night of working, I stuck a post it to his wallet for him to find the next morning as he headed out the door. It simply said, “I hope you have a better day today. Can’t wait to see you after work! I love you”.  Turns out, that was just what he needed.
You can “post” your online usernames & passwords, you can “post” quirky quotes to hang along your windowsill, you can “post” things on the calendar, you can “post” your lunch, or you can let a post it hang out of your agenda book to hold your spot…but the best thing to “post” is a little note of encouragement. A little “post” it can go a long way!
Even better than all this…you don’t even have to have a post it to share an encouraging word!

My husband is not a note writer, he is my quiet rock. A doer, not a writer. So I felt pretty special and extremely loved when I found this waiting for me the other night…

The last clean towel with a note

0 (23)

So encourage each other and build each other up,
just as you are already doing.
 I Thessalonians 5:11 NLT

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Jen Fournier is one cool gal.  She's serious about her God, her husband and her kids- in that order.  I've had the pleasure to get to know her through God's Girlies as we look above for help in raising our preteen girls with a Christian mindset.  I'm proud to call her my sister in Christ and my friend.  And she makes awesome cookies.

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3 thoughts on “A Thursday for Your Thoughts; A Thing About Post Its- by Jen Fournier

  1. Brenda-Jaime Chambless

    This was great Jen. I used to write on the inside of my daughters book covers ( or anywhere I could find) "Remember Mom loves you". I still end most of my text messages that way.

    1. Jen

      I love that Brenda! I always whisper in their ears after they are asleep "mommy loves you" just in case I can subliminally make sure its engraved in their hearts. If that doesn't work, I sneak a note in their self packed lunches. 😉

    2. I enjoyed this too Brenda! I guess we never know what's going to make an impression on our children, but hopefully we leave lots of love along the way (on books and texts and in lunches....).


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