Heyday Fridays (A Novice Foodie Mission) Taqueria Gonzalez

I was in a foul mood this morning. I'm not sure if it was the clothing battle we had with one of our teenagers, the glimpse into the kids' disheveled bedrooms or the dream I had last night that I was a teenager who got arrested because my friend stole a nail file from a convenience store when I wasn't looking. I tried to blame Jason for my mood but then I realized that I didn't need to blame. I just needed to eat tacos.

In case you missed last weekend's post, Jason and I are searching for new spots to eat. May signifies the end of a school year which in turn signifies the end of another chapter. Like everybody else, we're a little tired and in need of a refreshing oasis. But Google shows no oasis that can be reached in a half-day trip. When you need to get away but you have to pick your kids up at three, sometimes pretending to get away is the best you can do. Today we grabbed some authentic tacos at the Taqueria Gonzalez.  You'll find it at the intersection Hwy 87 and 82.  We then drove to the Sabine Pass Monument Site. Here's our food review.

From the look on his face, Jason must have needed tacos too.
From the look on his face, Jason must have needed tacos too.


We got our tacos from a van so there's not much to say about service. There was one friendly man working. He was quick.


The backdrop to the taco van was a slew of refinery building things/structures; in other words not so pretty. So we got our tacos to go (There wasn't a place to sit there anyway) and we headed to Sabine Pass Battleground. We pretty much had the place to ourselves besides a swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitos (Bring a can of Off if you plan to go). Here are a few pictures.unnamed (49)unnamed (48)

Price- $

We spent around twenty dollars. I really thought we would eat for under twenty dollars this week, but…..we eat a lot.


I thought the selection pretty wide considering the food was cooked fresh in a tiny van.


Jason got a torta. I've heard of it before but had never had the privilege of feasting my eyes or tastebuds on anything quite like it. The torta was the size of a small Frisbee. Some tasty type of bun was filled with a fajita type meat covered with veggies (lettuce, avocado, onions). Boring me? I had the burrito. It tasted like a burrito. Not like a Taco Bell or local Mexican food joint burrito. It tasted just like I would expect a bean burrito to taste coming from a taco van….authentic. (By the way, the tortilla was homemade, which is a must for my full approval.) Jason and I also shared the mini tacos. Just like I like them, they were made with white corn tortillas filled with beef fajita meat and then more importantly filled with fresh cilantro and onion. We also had sodas in glass bottles which I just think is special.
unnamed (52) unnamed (51)

As Jason put it, Taqueria Gonzalez was economical, quick and tasty.

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