A Thursday for Your Thoughts; Meeting in the Landscape

Meeting in the Landscaping 

By Terri Brentlinger

This morning I was looking in the landscaping and I saw this.  

As I stood there and stared at it I was amazed.  The first thought I had was how we all need the cross.  The plant is weak and needed something to hold it up.  

Then it hit me. So do I.  

I looked at the vine and I noticed it did not only wrap around in one place, but that it had wrapped several times around the cross.   The more the plant wraps around the cross the stronger it will be.  The more we wrap our self around God the stronger we will be.  

I do not believe we will be strong enough if we only go to church. That would be like wrapping our self only once around.  The more we do the stronger we will be also.  

We need to daily wrap our self in God’s word, in being a servant and in Godly friendships. There are many ways to wrap our self in God.  

Thank you Jesus for the little meeting in the landscaping!!

About Terri

Terri is soft spoken and one of the most gentle-natured, beautiful souls I've ever met. She has a warm smile that makes her approachable trusting that kindness guides her in her interactions. These were my first observations about Terri. Having gotten to know her even better, the spirit is evident within her-even loud. Anyone who meets her will know she loves people....and she loves Jesus. 
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