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From Hallie's point of view:

Grace Unplugged was an amazing movie. From my point of view, it was about a girl who was tempted with everything in the world that seemed great. And she found out it wasn't all it seemed to be. It reminded me to keep thinking, that the world will try to show you what is good and convince you to do it. It also shows you that what God has in mind is always best for you.

A Mom and Daughter Review
A Mom and Daughter Review

From a Mom: 

I can't think of a better way I could have spent last night.  A friend had the great idea for a Mom/Daughter Girls' Night Out that consisted of Mexican food, laughter and tears.  We even scored this life-size souvenir at the theater. I'm seeing a major Movie Night in the future.

Best Date Souvenir Ever
Best Date Souvenir Ever

Grace Unplugged

I saw the preview for this movie a couple of weeks ago.  The movie is based on a true story of a pastor's family. This film is for any family with parents who want the best for their children and for children who are determined to find their way, their own way.

Grace is a good girl with unimaginable talent and a bright future.  Her Dad,  painfully similar to myself, tries to hem her in to the point of suffocation.  It's clear that his intentions are from deep seeded love.  He wants to preserve her innocence; to shield her from the world and from the consequences of wrong choices. What parent doesn't want to do that?

She's ready to bloom.  She knows she has musical talent but feels her creativity is being squashed and unrecognized.  She has a firm knowledge of right and wrong if only she had the opportunity to make her own choices. The spreading of her wings leads to a quick rise in fame.  But the world is asking for more of her than her God-given talent.  Rather than being filled to overflowing having more than she ever dreamed of, she finds herself empty and broken.

I love how this movie effectively shows the perspective of parents, who in undying love, work tirelessly to guide their children. It reminds us that children have to grow up. And as painful as it may be; part of that growing may just be outside our control.  This movie is a great reminder that both parents and children have the same need; we just can't do without God's grace.

The music appealed to Hallie and I both which doesn't always happen.  It was a "clap at the end" kind of movie; one where no one got out of their seats as the credits rolled because they knew they had seen the kind of movie that could impact conversation and relationships.  Go see it! photo (44)