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Jason and I visited the Redwine's food trolly today in Winnie. This was a high mark in our "Foodie Fridays".  Jason is sharing about the perfect paninis, the tomato basil soup and the too-good-to-pass-up ice cream drinks we had. I volunteered to talk about dessert(s).  

 Jason:  You know I can't pass up a food truck when Kristi and I are out and about. Same is true for a food trailer. And you can include food carts, food buggies, and food tents. 

But now you can add a more exotic food purveyor to your list of things I can't pass up: A Food Trolly! 

 I've never seen a food trolly until today. 

Kristi and I went to Winnie to shop around at Larry's Old Time Trade Days. You can find just about anything under the sun there. We loved walking among the vendors, sifting through mounds of antiques and chatting with folks from all over this part of the country. 

The biggest attraction for us, though, was stumbling across this beauty of a Food Trolly. 

She's called The Green Molly. 

The Redwines of Nederland bought her some time back and equipped her to deliver deliciousness.  

 Pat and Trisha Redwine invited us in to see their setup and let us watch as they crafted our feast. 

The Green Molly had an eclectic feel. She started out on the streets of San Fransico years ago. She made her way by stages to South East Texas. 

The heart of their menu is the panini sandwich. 

Now let me be honest with you. When I hear of a shop selling paninis, I usually pass on by. I like paninis, but they usually leave me hungry for more. What is it with panini shops that serve undersized sandwiches? 

Put any misgivings about paninis aside when you cross paths with The Green Molly. Pat was putting together the sandwiches today. I ordered a ham and turkey on whole wheat and Kristi got the same, but on sourdough. Pat started with THICK cut bread. The sourdough was pre-cut and the whole wheat she cut herself. I could have made a meal of just the bread she put together for our sandwiches. 

My eyes really got big when she started putting together the insides of the panini. Pat piles on layers of American and Mozzarella cheese. Then came generous portions of turkey and ham. The panini grill was begging for mercy when she placed those two sandwiches in the cooker.  

 When Pat served up the paninis, the cheese was soft and warm, but not runny. The meat steamed just a little as I pried the halves apart. The panini grill puts a nice crust on the bread. 

Did I mention that they were serving these magnificent paninis with fresh made tomato basil soup? 

These paninis were perfect for dipping. The bread was sunstantial enough to soak in great draughts of creamy awesomeness. This was comfort food on steroids. 

After eating 90% of my sandwich and 25% of Kristi's, I was about to pop. 

I forgot to mention one other little detail: Trisha was working the smoothie machine today. She served us up cups of Strawberry, Piña Colada, and Vanilla Ice Cream Smooties. We tried some of all of them in addition to a Chocolate Ice Cream smoothie you can see in the picture. 

My turn

Jason has blog-hogged, leaving only the desserts to be talked about, but I can TALK about the desserts. He got a head start while I changed into my elastic shorts to be comfortable enough to write. Our lunch experience was that serious.

Key Lime Pie 

 I've accused Jason of loving coconut pie the best because the rest of the family doesn't.....which means that even if there's a whole pie, he doesn't have to share.

That's the way I feel about key lime pie. I had a slice today. It was smooth and creamy and perfectly tart served with fresh blueberries and strawberries. I sigh just thinking about it.

I was good and shared with Jason. It was easy because Trisha was standing in front of me with a slice of chocolate explosion. (Excuse my nails).

Chocolate Explosion 

 This slice of love is a crushed Oreo crust topped high with cool chocolate mousse with surprise bites of MORE chocolate. My words are inadequate. Just trust me. The chocolate explosion was an experience.

S'mores Panini 

 I've saved the best for last. When they mentioned "a chocolate sandwich" I was skeptical. But as soon as the scent of warm cinnamon bread wafted my way, I was a believer. The S'mores Panini is two slices of crusty cinnamon bread sheltering a delicious chocolate spread, crushed Oreos and melted marshmallows. I would come closest by describing it as a designer brownie, but I've never had anything like it.

I know what you're thinking. We had three desserts today.  It's really much worse if you count the ice cream drinks we had. But the heart wants what the heart wants.....and my elastic shorts are forgiving.

Jason and I write a food blog on Fridays when we're able. Send us some suggestions of local good-eats. Check out Jason's blog for these and other great posts.




Jason and I were headed to Banh Mon's food truck for lunch today.  I had my eyes peeled for future spots on Calder and Phelan. Siri announced that we had arrived at our destination. But there was no food truck. Fortunately I had spotted a joint a few blocks back called Daddio's Burger. So if Jason tries to take credit for today's lunch, he's lying. He does that occasionally.

I'm solo on the foodie blog today which means that I get to say what I want (not that I usually refrain from saying what I want). I'm actually missing our Friday afternoon post-lunch date writing from our big brown chair. Since Jason has a busy afternoon and weekend ahead I asked him for a statement about his lunch experience.

The goat burger from Daddios is for mature, discerning burger-loving pallets.

That's one way to put it.

I'm really not a burger fan. I might have mentioned that before. Just as Jason has trouble telling the difference between gray and taupe, I have a hard time seeing a big difference between a Big Mac and a Mushroom Swiss Burger from Chili's or somewhere. A burger is just a burger.

Daddios Burger has revolutionized my burger thinking ways.

Jason and I usually try to order different things (because sharing is caring). Today, one menu item jumped out, begging to be tried. We both ordered The Goat Cheese Burger.

It was a juicy beef patty served on a fresh jalepeno bun with all the fixings, topped with goat cheese and slathered in chipotle. It took me years to learn how to say chipotle. I could never remember if it was chip-ot-LE or chip-ol-TE. Today I learned that the stuff is so good it deserves the proper pronunciation. CHIP-OT-LE!!

We also had Parmesan fries with truffle oil. One basket was big enough to fill both Jason and I. They were awesome; especially doused with malt vinegar. There are several fry choices. I don't think you can go wrong. The fries are hand-cut and cooked just right. Nothing beats a good fry.

I passed up a chocolate shake and ice cream, but did splurge on half a great big chocolate chip cookie.

My single patty specialty burger costed about five and a half bucks. We spent around thirty dollars on burgers, fries, drinks and our cookie. It sounds like a lot for a burger, but this was definitely no Big Mac experience.


I told Jason I'd put his antlers up in the house if somebody would make a chandelier like this out of them. He said it would be emasculating to feminise his antler collection. What do you think? 

We saw some Nederland friends there celebrating another adoption which was just one more reason to smile while we were at Daddios.

We already have plans to go back. I think I fussed at the kids enough the last two weeks to bring their grades up before the six weeks ended today. Maybe their grades will give us a reason to go back. Maybe the fact that I didn't try the shake yet gives us reason(A good shake is so thick it hurts your cheeks and collapses the straw).

Maybe we don't need a reason.