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The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice and be glad. Psalm 118:24

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Bad news first. No Novice Foodie Mission this Friday. I know. I know. We didn't have one last Friday either, but as I mentioned on Facebook, I had the misfortune of being introduced to Indian food. I'm sure the place we tried was marvelous, if you like your meat and vegetables rolled in potpourri and served with yogurt. Alas no review. We're too nice for that.

Today, we've got stuff to do. Jason had to run to Beaumont to grab Hayden's iPhone which had to be fixed. I passed my technology curse on to the kid. Phones, computers,.......those electric sliding doors in Walmart just don't work like they're supposed to in my presence...or in Hayden's. Even when I DON'T drop my phone in the toilet it does weird things. For instance all of my contacts have disappeared and I have to answer my phone old-school style. I have no idea who you are which means I don't know if you're someone I want to talk to or not before I answer. Hayden's phone battery is defective.

C'est la vie (If you don't remember the 80's song, it means "That's just the way it goes".... "That's Life").

 I stayed here this morning. I'm fixing up a double batch of "The Pioneer Woman's" Frito Pie. I won't critique my own food, but I will share a link to the Frito Pie we're having.

Click HERE for the recipe.


To get all that we needed to get done this morning we skipped our workout at the gym so no calories were burned today. And then look what Jason found on the way home.
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This is much better than the ten pound box of bologna he brought me on our first anniversary.  The guy has learned.  I can now say he's the complete package.

They're Triple Chocolate Torte cupcakes.

I am so confident of this cupcake that I started writing a blog post about it at first sight.... before I tasted it. Jason had his before lunch.


The guy at Gigi's told Jason that you're supposed to heat it up in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.  He mentioned ice cream too. How can it not be good?

Did I mention Hayden was having lunch with us today? His cupcake question was "How many calories does it have?". Guessing it had to be about a thousand, I Googled it. This is what the Gigi's website has to say about it.

Triple Chocolate Torte

Rich, dark chocolate cake

with a brownie texture,

baked without flour,

topped with a chocolate ganache rose

and powdered sugar.

Gluten Free Groupies (and people like me who attempt to be Gluten Reduced/Gluten Conscious) ….What, WHAT!!

I looked up a similar flourless cupcake. It had 191 calories. I can handle that. I'll work out tomorrow.

Now. About that cupcake.

What can I say?

It's a beautiful thing. I LOVE the Triple Chocolate Torte cupcake.


There is no remedy for love but to love more.

-Henry David Thoreau

I'll do my best!