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Today's outing was special. It included my two favorite guys and fried oysters. It was a trip worth crossing the Veteran's Memorial Bridge in dense fog (more easily said because I wasn't driving). 

Judice's Cajun Cafe in Bridge City has oysters worth boasting about. For $9.99 you get half a dozen nice-sized plump and juicy oysters that haven't been over-cooked or over-breaded. I would have been in seafood paradise with six oysters like this a la carte. But they were served with fresh cut French fries; the kind so good they make you forget about catsup. 


To top off such good grub, the tissue paper (or whatever you want to call it) is decorated in finials. Look back up there ^. So cute.

 (I looked up "finial" to see how to spell it but saw three different ways 1.fennial 2.fenial and 3.finial ( provided by Webster-a good choice I think...I was getting way too distracted.)

Hayden ordered the oysters too and was as pleased as I was. Judice's doesn't play around when it comes to oysters. 

Jason ordered pistolettes for an appetizer. I thought they might serve as the perfect test of the effectiveness of my acid reducer prescription. But I gave my full concentration to my oysters. Jason said the pistolettes were fresh and hot with tasty etoufee on top. 

He also had a big bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo topped with potato salad good enough that he lifted the bowl to his mouth and threw his head back, sucking up every drop. I tried to get a picture, but my phone camera only caught a blurry image...the bowl was dry in a matter of nanoseconds.   


 A big group of guys on their lunch hour, I presume, chose the steam table. And choose they did. I couldn't tell exactly the size of their plates (staring is rude), but I did see a wide variety of fried "sea stuff", boudain, ribs, veggies and cornbread overflowing on what appeared to be trays. (I might be making that up). It seemed like a lot of food. They looked like this wasn't their first Judice's rodeo. 

Great date. Great place


This was probably the last time to get out and talk with Hayden before he journeys back to "Sam", but I didn't say that. He accuses me of treating his impending leaving like a death, full of "the last this and last that".  

I don't think that at all. My heart is happy and full from a lunch date  so well spent. My stomach is too. This wasn't a last anything, but rather a first of many eating dates at a great spot. 

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