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....Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

November is "Be Thankful" Month.  So I'm joining the ranks of those out there who share their appreciation publicly.  And while I'm thankful first and foremost for obvious things like my salvation and my family, I'm trying to branch out and see gratitude in simple places and surprising sources.  Here's the run-down so far.


Day 18 Thankful for a messy dinner table; for scraps of hot pink tulle, smatterings of silver sequins, globs of glue and Rylie's words still stuck to my heart "I'm just glad we get to spend this time together". -Messy times like Rylie's Turkey Project and staying up late studying Spanish 3 with Hayden often result in sweet remnants.photo (67)

Day 17 Thankful for the smell of new books.

Day 16 Thankful that our "Drama Queen" finally found some POSITIVE recognition for that flair of hers at the EDA (Educational Drama Association) Meet.photo (70)

Day 15 Thankful for almond/chocolate bark.  Bad cooks needn't worry about the taste; just the shape.

photo (69)


Day 14 (I'm backtracking here).  Thankful that there won't be stomach bugs in Heaven. And for the first successful Saltine cracker digestion after a stomach bug. Thankful there won't be allergies in Heaven either.photo (68)

Day 13 Thankful, though last weeks' nights were full of good times, that I won't be sleeping with Zeebie, Stripes, Val and Rylie's other stuffed friends tonight. My guy's home from Africa.

Day 12 Thankful that just a little bit of sweet makes things better; a philosophy that should be practiced with both food and people.


Family and Banana S'mores Double Sweetness
Family and Banana S'mores
Double Sweetness

-The kids and I made these the other night.  I can't stop thinking about them; the leftover bananas on the table can't stop thinking about them either. They look sad.....

Tabetha Franklin, the "Main Dish Lady :)"  https://www.facebook.com/MainDishEverydayMeals taught me how to make them.  She teaches me a lot of stuff.  I'm thankful for her too.

Just take a boring banana and make it extraordinary with just a few added chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Leave the banana in its peel. Make a slit into the banana, but don't cut it all the way through. Grab both ends and push toward the middle opening  the slit, making the perfect spot to drop in some chocolate and marshmallow goodness. Wrap in foil, leaving the foil loose (tented) on the top. Broil on low for about ten minutes.  Reminds me of a song...... "Sweet dreams are made of this".

Day 11 Some of the greatest friendships aren't planned; they sort of fall into place. Working together and having like-aged kiddos are two great friend generators. Sending your husband off to Africa is another great way to forge friendships as you wing-it solo. I had pizza and open-mouthed laughter (not at the same time) tonight with two great girls and their pint-sized sweeties. I regret not having invited them into my home before now.  Another one of my dearest friends became one of my dearest after our husbands made several trips to Africa together several years ago.  So.  I'm thankful for surprise friendships.  And I'm thankful for sending my husband on a mission trip.  You should try it.


Day 10 I am thankful for our veterans. I don't think I can wrap my mind around the sacrifices that have been made for me to be able to enjoy freedom. Day after day I take that freedom for granted, but today I am grateful- for my Grandad and for all the great men and women who have given, that I might live with liberty.

Day 9b Thankful for my husband's stinky workout shirt that always hangs in my closet doorway.  Jason. you linger even when you're not here.

stinky workout shirt
stinky workout shirt

Day 9 Thankful for fierce, smash your hair and forehead hugs-by my seventeen year old.

photo (53)

Day 8 Thankful for Tests. Seriously. Just read this http://godsgirlies.com/?p=6661

Day 7 Thankful for Jason who loves me unconditionally; in posed moments and the candid ones too.

Day 6 I'm thankful for chicken wings; particularly from Wing Stop when accompanied by those fries with the secret seasoning. Trust me.  They're good.

Day 5 Thankful for Africa and its teaching that God is much bigger than we could have dared to imagine.

photo (55)

Day 4 I'm thankful for the little stranger in the kindergarten hallway that told me I looked ravishing (and on a bad hair day at that).

Day 3 Thankful that Jesus is a friend of sinners.  And thankful to have heard my friend Christy Zenon sing about it like it was gospel truth.

Day 2 Thankful for my talented and abrupt daughter who wrote a poem about my cooking  (Move over Shel Silverstein). Check out her poem (or mom roast rather) here http://godsgirlies.com/?p=6693 .

The Next Shel
The Next Shel

Day 1 Thankful for these rays of sunshine.

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