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I sat cross-legged on my living room floor last night bubbling with joy. Everywhere in front of me sat a beautiful girl or woman with a story. What's so special about that, you might think. Everybody has a tale. (Of course they do.) 

I sat encircled by ladies who have graciously shared tender parts of theirs.   They took their own personal experience, whether it was embarrassing or still even a little painful in some cases, and they laid that experience bare for the world to see. I'm just plain lucky to call them friends, but more than that, I've been personally touched by their willingness to be agents of God's grace in the telling of what He has done in their life to whomever will listen.  

These are the local faces of The Village Girl Handbook. Along with fifteen other fabulous ladies (who live elsewhere), this group has put more than words on pages. Between the lines they're cheering on growing girls by becoming vulnerable and committed to an audience they've never met. 

But I guess that's how life works. There are people who watch our life stories play out and then those who will never know of the things we've overcome, or learned from, unless we tell them. We can do life simply working by the clock, influencing and encouraging those in our peer and familial circle or we can recognize that there's a larger audience who could benefit from a display of God's faithfulness. 

We're mindful of what God has brought us through, what he has taught us, and our intent is to share that very thing in the hopes that it encourages. 

  1. Please pray with us that those who pick up The Village Girl Handbook will feel encouraged and empowered. Pray that they will be reminded that God loves them and is writing a good story even in the midst of struggle or a season that seems directionless or fruitless. 
  2. Please consider your own story and how you might share it with someone who would be encouraged by it. Share this post with someone you know who has a powerful testimony. 
  3. Think about getting a book in the hands of a girl who needs to know more about God's grace. 

A second volume of "The Village Girl Handbook" is now being complied. The deadline for stories is August 11. Each story needs to be around 400-600 words and presents a personal story of struggle during middle or high school that ends in overcoming or perspective. (I've got an outline I can send to anyone interested).  Let me know if you have a story you'd like to share. 

Jesus prayed:

 I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them... John 17:26 

Let's follow suit. 

More faces of VGH contributors:


Get The Village Girl Handbook book here

Learn more about it here

Most of you know that I've been working (with about twenty fabulous ladies) on a book for middle school girls. (For more about the book,  Click Here). A lot of heart, and over 40,000 words, have been poured onto pages that are now coming to life. 

Progress has felt slow for the most part. This week, however, has been a blur. Final touches like the acknowledgements and the blurb for the back are getting us one step closer to the book being ready for print. I was so ridiculously excited, writing the acknowledgements, that I could only try not to sound like I was receiving a Golden Globe as I thanked everybody involved in the book. 

I'll share one quick story that illustrates how God is working in big ways, but also in the details. 

I found an amazing app called Fiverr that provides people who make bids on your editing and artwork needs. There are some highly capable, reasonably priced people on this site. 

I was able to work with a lady named Ruxandra from Romania. I detailed five sketches that I wanted for the book interior. Four or five days after I requested the sketches, Rylie mentioned that she'd really like for the girl who will appear in each sketch (the girl who, hopefully, all readers will identify with) to have a high ponytail. 

I told Rylie that it was probably too late to ask for that and I kissed her goodnight. I woke up around three that morning unable to sleep. I prayed for all the hands that are touching, and will be touching the book, asking for God's guidance. 

After a long prayer time I went back to bed and checked my email. Up popped the sketch that will be used for "the girl" in the book. She's got a high ponytail. As minor as that may seem, it was a reminder in the dark that God knows our requests before we ask him. 

Please pray for the book. Pray that I'll be able to get the book properly formatted (the next step which appears to be complicated). Pray that the book will be available in good timing. Pray that girls who could benefit from godly counsel and encouragement will be able to receive a book. 

I don't tell you often enough how much I appreciate your reading my posts. It's an encouragement. Thank you for your relatable  thoughts and kind compliments. 

It would be an honor if you would help me choose the cover for the book.  I'm in the middle of a fun contest right now where artists are designing book cover ideas. I've picked some of my favorites. By clicking on the link below, you can rate the submissions, pick your favorite and leave helpful comments. I'd love to see what you think.  

Vote and pray please! 

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