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I made an Amazon purchase a couple of weeks ago. It's a roll of red "Do Not Enter" tape.

I bought it on a whim when I realized again that the kids habitually go upstairs to their rooms to be singly entertained by their technology. But I can't just complain about them. They'd snitch that there have been a hundred times they're telling me something, but I'm spaced-out on my IPhone.

The red "Do Not Enter" roll has layed on the counter alongside my good intentions for a couple of weeks now. Honestly we have been too busy to spend time together; either Hayden is gone or we're running to piano lessons or picking Hallie up from band practice.

I've learned that spending time together isn't always convenient. While I long for Kumbaya experiences, our "family time" is of the drive through, swing by nature. Still, last night I unrolled the red tape.  I took a yard of it and I tied it to the bottom of our stairway, "Do Not Enter", with instructions to stay downstairs.... in the same room.

Don't worry, the kids had been warned.  I didn't want a revolt so I broke out the snacks and we popped in Monster's U.  I know... I know, a movie isn't the best form of time together, but it's a start. The kids were surprisingly pleasant about the whole experience. I however, if given a grade by the kids, would not receive the standard 95 participation grade.  I texted.  I peeked at my emails.  I missed Hallie's favorite part. Sitting perfectly still on the couch, my mind was a swarm.  I was absent, really.kids

We're going to do this again; snacks, games, conversation, giggles.............

And I'll put the "Do Not Enter" tape on the stairway.  But our next scheduled together time will start with a prayer.  I'll be asking God's help in guarding my "Holy of Holies" that spirit of mine that welcomes too much.  I'll ask his help in saying:

Do Not Enter, Cares of the World.

Keep out, Social Media.

Stay away, Worries and Frustrations.

No trespassing, List of Chores.

The best fortune isn't found by chase or solving the world's greatest problems. Fortune is found at home, together with family.

P.S. I have a hundred extra yards of my "Do Not Enter" tape.  Anyone?


What a week; a week filled with thrilling rides, with Mickey and Minnie, good food, belly laughs,...

...and holding hands.

Disney World provided castles, fireworks, pixie dust- and rides which took you into a cave with swashbuckling pirates and on an encounter to Mt. Everest with the fearsome Yeti.

Yet nothing was as thrilling as the "togetherness" this past week.

Thankfully Rylie is just six and still loves to hold my hand and sit in my lap.  But if you remember, Hayden is almost sixteen.  He's an affectionate kid, but his affection is sporadic.  Hallie is eleven going on sixteen.  Holding my hand or Jason's hand is no longer a common occurrence.  With Hallie who now claims claustrophobia, holding my hand would be considered a rarity.

But hand holding and togetherness went on.

All week.

We stayed together because we were in unfamiliar territory. We linked arms so we wouldn't get lost.  We held hands as we didn't want to be separated in the masses. We walked in close proximity in the darkness that followed the night-time fireworks spectacular.

And there were times that we stayed close....... get this,..... just because we were enjoying each other.

In the midst of magic and madness, we were simply together.

Surely God feels the same.  He is with us every day, at the dinner table and in the car.   He is with us when we rise and when we slumber.  He walks with us in the mundane.  And he waits.

He longs for us to link arms with him as we board life's roller coasters with its twists and sudden drops. He wants us to hold tight to him in the crowd that so often blinds our view of him.

And when our hearts are spilling over with joy at the knowledge that life is good- God is good, maybe then most of all, he wants us to hold his hand.

..... do you think that the scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? James 4:5a