All This Time-Britt Nicole


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Uploaded by on Feb 3, 2012

New song by Britt Nicole from the Album Gold





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Uploader Comments ( ncrstar )

  • I love Britt Nicole she sings at my church Harvest Christian Fellowship often. Got her autograph and pic with her.Lovely girl. Very kind. And when she talks to you she makes you feel as if you've been friends forever. Love her !!! All of her music is touching. Cant wait for this new album.

  • ik i cannot wait either!!

  • Such a beautiful song:)

  • yes it is!

  • This song is amazing, The lyrics to the songs Britt sings just say so much, they reflect todays world, and they have truly touched my heart, at first when I listened to her songs I listened but didn't hear, but once I took the time to find the lyrics, and listen carefully to the songs I realized the stories they all tell. They are so touching, Keep up the great work Britt!!!

  • yes she is amzing i love all her music1 :D

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  • love this song :)

  • Britt Nicole is who i want to be like she is so inspiring and I love her so much and her songs and shes so beautiful!!!!!!

  • Great song!!

  • She is truly amazing, this song is literally my life story.

  • Lovin it! :)

  • Oh my gosh the acoustice version is wayyyy better! But wow, I love this song:)

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