For the Other Man I Call Dad

Happy Father's Day; sounds funny telling you.  You're not my father, you're my husband.  But in being your wife I have had the pleasure that no one else has had of watching you be a father day in and day out. Sure there are others that observe your fathering skills.  And the kids are around you as much as I am.

But I see you.

I've seen the way you wrestle with Hayden.  When he was younger and couldn't hurt you, I watched you grab your side in mock pain and listened to you groan like it was unbearable. Now that he lacks two inches being your size, I watch you inwardly groan as he forces his weight on you. You laugh it off, though I'm pretty sure it's not funny. The kids always know what I'm feeling; I've never been able to hide that well. You always seem to know when you need to be heard and when to be silent.


You've changed diapers. In addition to chick flicks, you have suffered ad nauseam every Disney movie made. You've played Pretty Pretty Princess, and you played it well- even when the earring didn't match what you had on. You've been the fun guy.  You've been the bad guy. You have stood firm, when I simply wanted to please. Oh how I've been thankful for that. You were the one that Hallie looked to; the one whose hand she grasped firmly while showing the world her decision to follow Christ through baptism. What a blessing-you've baptized Hayden too. You have been there to cheer accomplishments and to comfort through disappointments. 


I've witnessed you attend tea parties. You've brushed and fixed hair. You've taught the kids to compliment meals even when Griffin wouldn't eat the leftovers. By example you have always taught the children to hold me in high esteem even when I didn't deserve it. You've proudly smiled the "that's my girl" smile at Rylie countless times.  And though I know you want the same things for Rylie that I want, you are the one who is patient.  You are the one who trusts when I am determined to make things happen. You exemplify peace in the midst of chaos.

You're the kind of man, husband, and father I hope Hayden someday to be.

You're the kind of man and husband  I pray the girls will someday  find.

You're the kind of man, husband and friend I'm glad to have.


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