Everyday; A Day to Hooray!


Hooray! Summer's coming!

I do love summer, but I have to tell you the months of April and May can be depressing. I feel particularly somber when loved ones are approaching the end of a chapter.  With many nieces and nephews, somebody is always finshing elementary or finishing high school.  I've taught elemtary for a few years and it saddens me that yesterday's toothless babies are graduating and some are even having babies of their own.  Last May Hallie finished elementary and Hayden finshed junior high.  This May our last baby will graduate from Kindergarten (I don't know if I can handle another one of those videos with the background music intended to make you bawl).  I absolutely know that in these times I should celebrate.  I should focus on exciting beginnings just around the corner. I am renewing a commitment to show joyful satisfaction even as the sand slips through the hourglass. I wanted to share a tradition in our family that helps us to celebrate endings, beginnings and things in-between.

When each of the kids were young I got them their own special book.  We read the book on special occasions and sometimes just because.  I've come to realize it's easy to make ordinary times into extraordinary with a little creativity.  And honestly, I'd be remiss not to celebrate my children every day!

Every time their special book is read, we write in the book cover.  The date and the occasion is written down.  Some of my favorites include:

-January 14, 2009 Nap story

-September 26, 2010 Just because I love you

-September 4, 2007 Second week of fifth grade  You lost a tooth and reminded me to read.

-April 11, 2006 You read to your Dad for his thirtieth birthday

-March 27, 2011 A can of hairspray emptied in your backpack the one time your borrowed the school's video camera.

-August 2011 Tomorrow is the first day of Middle School at C.O. Wilson- Go Bullpups!!!


The book pictured at the top is Hooray for You!  A Celebration of You-ness by Marianne Richmond.  I STILL read it to Hayden (nobody mention this to his friends!).

The girls' book is I Love You So also written by Marianne Richmond.


There are so many awesome books out there.  I may post a couple of personal favorites.  I've recently been considering buying an inexpensive Bible for each of the kids.  I think it would be extra-meaningful to not only write dates as we read scripture, but also a side-note like:

3/25/12 Lucky the Goldfish died

4/16/12 Failed a Math test

4/01/12 Had a fight with your best friend

2/17/12 You helped clean the kitchen

Remember to celebrate successes.  Don't forget the little ones.  And maybe most importantly, celebrate God's grace in those not -so-great moments.

Children are a gift from God.

And with a good gift comes celebration!

A picture of Hayden and Hallie on Kindergarten graduation day.

 (picture of Rylie soon to come)






4 thoughts on “Everyday; A Day to Hooray!

  1. I cry now every time I reach the end-"On the day you were born the world grew by one life and big purpose with much to be done.  Look in the mirror.  Love who you see.
    Stand tall.  Smile big.  Shout, HOORAY FOR ME!"

    1. Kristiburden

      Hugs right back!  God is truly so good.  I've been floored at how he is helping me to see how some of my "beautiful messes" can be used to bless!  Love y'all!


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