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Confession:  I have an unhealthy affection for Dr. Pepper.  I drink way too many.  I’ve tried to stop drinking so many; numerous times.  I’ve tried the lesser calorie version, Dr. Pepper 10, which people have told me is man’s Dr. Pepper; whatever.  I’ve tried cutting back.  Probably least effective, I’ve quit cold turkey, for like two days.  Moving on we’ll get to the real point; this problem is for a different post.  But seriously, pray for me.

This past December I was a part of the Tour of Homes sponsored by our church.  I agreed to decorate my home for the sake of fundraising for missions with the help of my dear friends Larry and Carol Hathaway.  For several weeks, they graciously brought decorations from their home as the extent of my decorating is putting up stockings and a tree.

I’ve always said you know a person better after spending time in their home.   One day after seeing me open the second Dr. Pepper can by lunch, Larry asked me if I was addicted.  I acknowledged without hesitation that I might have a slight problem.  The next question was a bit harder to answer.  Larry asked, “Do your kids drink sodas like that too?”  After thinking a moment I shook my head no.  The same afternoon I brought Rylie home from Kindergarten.  Hayden and Hallie get out thirty minutes later.   Most afternoons, Rylie and I get a little snack as we like to celebrate our “just us” time together.  With Carol and Larry wrapping up the days decorating, Rylie walks in the front door.  She walks straight to the refrigerator and pulls out a…….. (You got it) Dr. Pepper.  To make matters worse, she taps the top of the can twice like some junkie while I’m thinking 1. Not in front of Larry 2.Do I do the tapping thing?  Larry looks at me and without a word says “mmm hmmmm”.

First, you have to know that I don’t allow the kids to break out a Dr. Pepper any time they want.  They can have one a day which I know many of you will think is unhealthy; I can understand that viewpoint completely. Lucky for me, I have the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group on my side.   Formulators of the recipe of Dr. Pepper recipe have insisted that it is medicinal in nature and aids in digestion.   Sincerely speaking, I’m not worried so much about my kids having a soda.  This can-tapping moment however did get me to thinking.

Do I flippantly and mindlessly lead my kids?  I would never pretend to be perfect in front of them or anybody else, but that’s not what I mean.  Possibly the deeper question is, am I truly the example I need to be?  I know that my kids see what I watch on TV.  They also hear me growl and gripe when someone dares to drive too slow in front of me.  They have witnessed me act like all is lost when supper turns out a flop.  They have suffered me losing it when their rooms are atrocious.  Does this put me on the Worst Mother of the Year list?  Certainly not.  But in thinking on all these things my children see, I’m wondering; are they seeing in me- a desire for and dependence on God?  I found a couple of convicting quotes I’d like to share.


What the daughter does, the mother did. –Jewish Proverb

And mothers are their daughters’ role model, their biological and emotional road map, the arbiter of all their relationships. –Victoria Secunda

Another frightening thought is that our boys may look to us as the measure of what a woman should be as he looks to a future marriage.

I don’t know about you, but when I have somebody else’s child in my care, I seem to be a little more attentive.  I drive a little more carefully.  I try to feed them well.  I am intentional in providing a safe nurturing and wholesome place.  My children are mine only on gracious loan.  I know they look somewhat like Jason and I.  I see certain facial expressions in them and see Jason.  I hear phrases that are echoes from my own voice.  Mini me.  Mini Jason.  And while this brings about a certain pride, it again brings about the question:  Do I want them to be like me?  Should I be mirroring Jesus more closely?   I want my children to be able to see Jesus in me.  I want to be the example.  I told you how I love Dr. Pepper; can’t get enough.  No Diet or Dr. Pepper 10; I want no lesser version.  I pray in all earnesty that I would hold for my life the same mark.  If my children are to be my mini me, I want more of Jesus. I have to know I can’t get enough.  I need to remember I want no lesser version.  I don’t want a “Sunday Jesus” or a “help me when I’m in a bind” Jesus.  More important than what my children are watching me do, is maybe WHO I'M WATCHING..

To you , O LORD, I lift up my soul……Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths….My eyes are ever on the LORD…..    Psalm 25:1, 4, 15

The meaning of the word Christian is “little Christ”.

May I look to you and listen for your voice with a steadfast devotion that would bit by bit transform me into a mini you!

Couldn' resist putting this one.  Don't know who looks like who.

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