A Thursday for Your thoughts: Kristen Baker

My Mission Trip to Belize

By Kristen Baker


My experience in Belize was great.  I had an awesome time.  The plane ride was really quick, but BORING.  When we landed I was super happy. We got outside and a DCI van was there to pick us up. We got to the DCI camp and they showed us to our room. We finished unpacking and went outside to the hut where we met two other teams. One was three people. The mom, Shari, the dad, Jeff, and the kid, Bryce. The other one was two people, Barbara and Susan. We went to eat dinner. Yum!

Then we got ready to go to the park. We took the van to the park and there were a lot of kids there. We did sports, balloons, and bracelets.

 Then we went back to the camp, wrote in the journal and went to bed. We woke up the next morning and went down to the hut and planned out the week. Then we took a DCI bus to go paint. We paint for a while and went to lunch. It was yummy. Then we went back to finish painting.

Next we went back to the camp and regrouped for early dinner so we could go to the park. There weren’t as many kids as there was yesterday. We gave out books and hats. Then we had to leave the park. We went back to camp and went to bed. We woke up and went to breakfast. We took showers and we took the van. It was me, my brother and Papa going on our excursion. We were going on the tubes in water. We got there and had to hike half a mile to get to the tubes. Then we “learned along the way.” We got back to the camp and had PB sandwiches. We had to wait a long time before everyone came back. We had dinner and went to bed. 

Next morning we went to hostel and Susan and Barbara left. We sang songs at the hostel and Pastor Mark preached after that. We toured the city. One family had 12 kids and the oldest daughter had 2 more kids. When we left the two-ish girl was blowing us kisses at the fence. We had dinner, went to bed, woke up. We were leaving. The other team was leaving with us. We prayed and went to the airport.

 I had a fun time in Belize, but I’m glad I left then or I’d be in a hurricane.

About Kristen: Kristen is 10. She is in 5th grade at Central Middle School. She has been dancing for seven years and loves it. She is an avid reader. This was her first mission trip out of the country and she hopes to do more (she really wants to go to Brazil).


Kristen is one of our God's Girlies and she's truly inspiring. If you enjoyed her story, please let her know in comments.  If you have a story you'd like to tell, send it to kristiburden@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “A Thursday for Your thoughts: Kristen Baker

  1. Susan

    Kristin...I am a friend of your grandmother in Lufkin...she always has wonderful things to say about you. Your story was wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. I've also known your Dad and Aunt Amanda for lots of years...they are great people. HUGS to you.

  2. Kristina Estrello

    Great job Kristin! Super proud of you for embracing this missions trip with such enthusiasm. It takes a special person to weather such harsh conditions and leave luxury behind...very few kids would do that! Tell your dad to start planning the next one and maybe Miss Katelyn will tag along on this one!

  3. Ryan

    I loved my time working with DCI! I was in Belize in 2009 and still have such amazing memories of my time working Pastor and Mrs. Craver. What a blessing to spend days in nothing but ministry, fellowship, service and evangelism for our Lord and Savior. God bless.


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