Turning Sixteen: A Mom’s Advent Celebration


As a mom you want to give your children all they need to be whole.  Hayden is quickly approaching sixteen.  Regarding gifts which lead to wholeness, I've spent hours lately wondering if I've given Hayden just those things.

I think about the gifts I've fretted over; gifts I've searched for, and gifts that put an ache in my back as I've sat hunched dutifully wrapping box after box.  Most of those gifts served the purpose of bringing about temporary joy and a floor full of wrapping paper. There may have even been a few gifts that brought disappointment.

Thankfully he doesn't remember, but for his first Christmas, he received diapers, formula and rubber teething blocks. What a thrill! I'm pretty sure there were a couple of times underwear, socks or clothes of some sort were unwrapped to his secret displeasure.

Then there was that one gift we gave Hayden when he turned three. He excitedly ripped back paper to reveal his very first big boy bible with his full name embossed on the cover, "Hayden Fowler Burden".  I remember how he sweetly smiled and said, "Wow, let's see what's next!" ( interpreted: gift FAIL!)


Hayden's childhood is fading.

And while he is still entertained by simple joys like snapping pencils and catching food tossed at his mouth (who doesn't enjoy those things?) the gifts Hayden will receive this year will be less focused on entertainment.  My gift giving perspective is changing.

I don't want to give Hayden more gifts that will end up under his bed or gifts that he will quickly outgrow. I want to give gifts that will bring about smiles and excitement.  But the gifts I've got my heart set on giving this birthday won't have a price tag or an immediate wow factor.

I want the gifts his dad and I give him to be gifts that will be treasured; if not now, later, and for the long run.  I want to bless Hayden with gifts that will serve him into adulthood. We want to gift him in a way that will bless others and ultimately bring Glory to his father.

The gifts will be wrapped in prayer.  Over the next week, my posts will be devoted to praying for meaningful gifts to give the boy in my life who has brought me more joy than I can express.

Endure a mother's heart.




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