Conversation Hearts: A Devotion and Activity

This is a  devotion/activity that would be a great activity for families or Sunday School too. 

Items needed:

Necco Conversation Hearts (Sweethearts)                 Activity Sheet

Bibles                                                                                  Pens or markers

Devotion below  

Conversation Hearts -Devotion

Have you ever tasted the chalky candies you get only around Valentine's Day; you know, the colored hearts that say things like "Luv Ya" or "You Rock" and "Be Mine"?  Sweethearts, or Conversation hearts have been around for years, like over a hundred years.

Some of the hearts from the earlier times  had sayings like  "Sweet Talk" and "Dig Me".

These candy messages go out of style, and so every year the candy makers print new messages.  In the past few years you might have seen the words


Honey Bun

Melt My Heart

Chill Out

Text Me


(Allow the children to read a few messages on the candy)

There are a few things the candy makers, Necco, keep in mind when writing on candy hearts.


*Nothing rude or distasteful should go on the candies

*Only a few words will fit on each candy (no more than 3)


Ok, let' s hear it.  What message in one, two or three words would you put on candy hearts if the candy company called you up and asked?

While it would be fun if you got a phone call from the candy-making headquarters putting you in charge of this year's messages, it matters little what the candy hearts say on them.  Why?  Because they're eaten right after you read their message; some of you might not even take the time to read them at all.

Human hearts aren't quite the same. What is written on our hearts is of great importance.  God tells us:

 Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.  Proverbs 3:3


Our hearts are like tablets

and YOU get to write words on your heart,......God told you to.

 Where would be the right place to find good words for your heart's tablet?  What are two good words mentioned in the verse above? (read verse again)

1. Love

2. Faithfulness

Remember that God's word, the Bible, is the best place to find words to be written on your heart.  But don't forget, others write on our hearts too; sometimes beautiful words and other times words that hurt.  Surround yourself with people who write good words on your heart.  There are adults all around you dying to write messages of love on your hearts.  There's plenty of room; let them.



Take a piece of printer paper. Fold a piece of paper long-ways and write candy heart messages on one side and God's messages on the other side. I found these Conversation Heart stickers in the Target Dollar Section (love that place).  For a dollar, you get more than a hundred stickers.  These brightened up the page and made it easier for the younger ones who are still slow writers.

1.On the left side write a few of the messages found on Necco candy hearts .

2. On the right side, write in a few one or two-word messages that God would have you write on your heart. Ex. "Grace"  "Pray 4 Others"

Here are a few verses if you need help:

But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you,  Psalm 130:4

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control....Galatians 5:22, 23b

Now use your bible and find a few others.

After the activity:

Discuss in group

We know we can't reach in with a pen or marker and write on our actual heart.  What does it mean to write God's commandments and words on our hearts? (wait for answer)

 Did you also notice that Proverbs 3:3 and other verses tell us to bind God's words (commandments) around our necks.  When we put something, like a necklace, around our neck, it goes with us wherever we go.  God wants us to carry His words with us.  He wants His words and His message to be in our hearts and to be shown to others.

Which messages don't go out of style, candy hearts or God's messages?

How can having these messages (or words) written on your heart change

the way you talk to others?

the way you treat others?

the way you live?

Close in prayer.
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