Heyday Fridays (A Novice Foodie Mission)

May's shaping up to be a really busy month. There are few white calendar spaces left already. That's why I've suggested to Jason that we make the most of our sacred Fridays. Friday's our day off. And the kids are at school. I guard our Fridays as anyone would guard such a treasure.

To make our May Fridays even sweeter, we've decided to try out a different eating joint in the area every Friday. Then I'm going blog about it.

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It's been busy with the typical family stuff (crazy schedule, appointments, keeping a house, raising kids and being a wife), not to mention helping out at the school with ESL and providing Homebound services this year.  I haven't had the opportunity to write as often as I'd like. And I've missed it so.

These Friday writings won't be the product of deep soul-searching or an attempt to cope with another crazy Burden escapade. It's going to be mindless, high calorie writing.
Every Friday I'll be pretending to be a foodie. I'll be able to feed my craving for good food. And I'll fill my craving to turn words into life expression.  My stomach and my soul will be happy.

Yesterday commenced our foodie mission.  Jason and I checked out the Neches River Wheelhouse Restaurant. I've heard great reviews but I was still skeptical. I heard they had everything from burgers to Grits and Shrimp. I would think that a place that makes outstanding burgers wouldn't make notable Grits and Shrimp and vice versa. I would think two such opposing entrees would come from different eating establishments. But I have to say I was really impressed. Here's a rundown of our experience.

The service was excellent. When we drove up, they were pretty crowded. However we were seated promptly. My glass was never empty and the waitress checked on us frequently to see how everything was.

Gosh we picked a gorgeous day. We sat outside and the weather was beautiful. Outside you'll find umbrella-covered patio-type tables with enough space between each party that you're not able to hear your neighbor's conversation nor will you bump into the person seated behind you when you scoot your seat back. That's a big plus in my book. There's also grassy space around the table for your kids to get up and run around if they want to. And it's the kind of place where I don't think anybody would mind.

$$- Each entrees cost $10 to about $30. I think mine and Jason's each cost $13.

The menu is limited for now as this is a new establishment. But as they get the kinks of being new worked out, there will be a larger menu to choose from. I'll just say I'd have eaten anything on the menu. I think that's important.

Here's a look at the price and selection.

unnamed (47)


I know that's not a foodie word but it's the best I could come up with. Jason ordered a Po' Boy, "The Jolly Roger". It had, as Jason would say, "50" different kinds of meats and some incredible gravy on it that made it as rich as Warren Buffet. Fries came on the side, as they should. I had the stuffed chicken. When I saw "Stuffed Chicken" on the menu I wasn't in the least impressed. That is until I saw that it was stuffed with, get this, crawfish and cornbread dressing. It was served on top of asparagus spears and was drizzled with some kind of garlicky butter (that was much better than I just made it sound) sauce. I would have licked the plate of I hadn't had enough dressing to sop up every drop.

To my family reading this. If you'll ever come see us, this is a place is we'll take you to, Dutch of course. Haha.

Next Friday we plan on possibly eating at the little taco van we've spotted several times in Port Arthur near one of the refineries. #1 Because we want the price to be one dollar sign ($). I'm thinking like five bucks a person. And #2, we're adventuresome like that.

Until next Friday, or the next time inspiration or good food hits me,
Au revoir

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