A Thursday for Your Thoughts; The healing power of Jesus (by Lisa Melton)


I can hardly contain my excitement.  My friend Lisa is sharing her powerful testimony with you today.  Can't let her talk without me telling you first how wonderful it has been to get to know her.  Several years ago we were having a Bible study at our church in Trinity.  We were told that there were some ladies at the local House of Hope who would be joining us, but needed a ride.  I was one of the ladies who volunteered a ride.  Lisa was one of the ladies who joined us for Bible study.  The House of Hope is a temporary home for those recovering from addiction.  I quickly grew to love those ladies, especially Lisa.  They were serious about their study of the Bible.  We also would have a snack and game night on Fridays, always a most enjoyable time.  These ladies are so strong.  Their wild faith pointed me to a powerful Jesus I had yet to experience (Oh me of little faith).

I've read over Lisa's testimony over and over, and I tell you, she's got me singing.

Come to this fountain so rich and sweet,

Cast thy poor soul at thy savior's feet;

Plunge in today and be made complete


Now I'll let you hear from Lisa:

Isn’t it amazing how God allows you to see what His Word has for you, in just the right time, at just the right moment?

     One instance that I refer to is during a service one night, the pastor was teaching out of John 5.  The story goes somewhat like this.
     Jesus had gone into Jerusalem for one of the Jewish feasts.  The First Fruits Feast. It was the feast when the people would bring in all their first fruits of their labors, being crops, animals, textiles, etc to be sacrificed.  The sacrifices would go to the priests, the Levites, because, by law, they were only allowed to go about their priestly duties, and studies.  They were not allowed to work, to toil in fields or raise animals.
     During these feasts, people who were ailing, ill, lame, or having other afflictions would come to bathe in the healing waters of Bethesda, meaning, 5 colonnades, or 5 porches.  Picture hundreds, maybe thousands of people trying to get to the water’s edge  so that when the water was disturbed by an angel, the first one into the water would be healed.
  During this one particular feast, was a man laying near the water.  He had been afflicted for many years, 38.  Jesus got word of this particular man, and went in search for him.  when Jesus found him, he asked the man if he wanted to be healed.  The man replied that he had no one to help him into the water.  Jesus then told the man to rise, take up his mat, that he was healed.
      We read and hear of the many miracles that Jesus performed  while here on earth.  Many people believe that  the healing power of Jesus continues today.  Some, unfortunately, do not.  I am here to tell you….That the healing power  of Jesus is amongst us today.
     I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart when I was 9.  I was raised in a loving, Christian atmosphere.  Because of poor choices, I became a drug addict, that eventually led me into a life of homelessness and prostitution.  I had been homeless about 6 and 1/2 years, addicted to a $400 a day habit of crack cocaine, after years of abusing methamphetamine, cocaine, morphine and heroin.  Three times I had entered secular rehabs, where I was told after about  a week, that they couldn’t help me.  They could find no funding for me.  I had no children, I was too old, too young, etc….
unnamed (68)
After being on the streets of Houston about 3 years, an organization in Houston Texas called 45 & Hope, scraped me off the streets and found a place for me in a faith-based rehab for women in Trinity Texas, named, House of Hope.  About 3 weeks into my rehabilitation, we attended a women’s conference in Crockett, Texas, at Harvest Baptist Church.  I didn’t want to be there.  I spent all morning watching what time it was, going back and forth to the ladies room.
After lunch,  things changed.
     I don’t have a clue what the speaker spoke about.  When she asked if anyone needed prayer, I found myself surrounded by her prayer warriors, not remembering the walk I took to the front.  I didn’t request any particular prayer, but I later walked out of that church renewed through my faith and through Jesus Christ as being delivered from drugs, and in a walk with my Lord that would begin my healing emotionally and spiritually as well.
The man at the Bethesda and I have a lot in common.  We both were afflicted for 38 years.  Yes, I was an addict that long.  We both searched for help into healing waters that was not found.   Jesus came in search for us, found us, healed us.  Jesus told us both to stand.  Today I stand before many believers, doubters, and non-believers as proof that Jesus continues to heal and perform miracles today.
     Today, I am free to assist others in their search for deliverance, their search for healing.  I enjoy the fellowship I have with the homeless and addicts in the East Texas area.  I find renewed strength daily in prayer, in God’s Word. As a state certified Peer Recovery Coach, I help the homeless find shelter, I help the addict find a rehab that will benefit their needs, free of charge.  If you know of anyone who is willing and ready for help, call me on my cell at 903-522-0857.


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